I’d like to give a donation of

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  • $30 Can assist each family entering a Shine refuge with emergency essentials
  • $65 Can pay for one doctor visit for a woman staying in the refuge.
  • $126 Can pay for an emergency pack for mum and baby with essentials such as nappies, baby wipes, clothing and formula.
  • $250 Can cover the cost of a crisis callout to a victim’s home in response to an urgent referral
  • $300 Can help 2 men make the first steps towards a life without abuse through No Excuses Programme one to one consultations
  • $1800 Can provide the KIDshine service to help children of one family stay safe and heal

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Yes, I'd like to give a monthly gift of:

Other $
  • $21/month can fund Shine’s Helpline to answer 18 calls each year for support, advice, and safety planning.
  • $35/month can help one man each year shift to non-violence and respectful relationships.
  • $44/month can fund food/other essentials for 12 families each year entering a Shine refuge.
  • $67/month can fund safety planning advocate visits for children of one family each year.
  • $125/month can fund intensive support for one victim (and children) at high risk of being killed each year.

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